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By Lil Devil


What is GPX Spinner?

GPX Spinner puts a spin on your GPX files. Features include:

Output a set of HTML files suitable for sending to a handheld device using Plucker or iSilo.
Change the waypoint name to include the cache name, ID, difficulty, terrain, or any combination.
Change the waypoint description to include the cache name, who it was placed by, difficulty, terrain, or any combination.
Change the symbol to represent the type of cache (e.g. a camera for Virtuals, a penny for Micros, or a picnic table for Event Caches). Even change the default 'Geocache' treasure chest for regular caches.
Change the symbol (e.g. to an animal) if the cache contains any travel bugs.
Change the symbol (e.g. to a tombstone) if there are several recent Not Found logs.
Fully configurable!

Note that GPX Spinner only works on GPX files obtained from Pocket Queries (a membership benefit for premium members). These files include a plethora of information which is not present in LOC files. Also note that GPX files saved from Easy/ExpertGPS will not contain the information needed by Spinner.

New to GPX Spinner?

Read the Getting Started document.


Registration is just $13.30 which entitles you to unlimited upgrades and support. It's my way of saying Thanks to those that donated or registered. Feel free to download the program and try it out for a while. This download is not restricted or crippled, except a registration reminder will appear when you start the program, and some cache pages on the PDA will also include a reminder.

I originally developed GPX Spinner because I wanted customized waypoint names for my GPS receiver. While I found a couple other programs that did this, neither of them did it exactly the way I wanted it. After a few revisions, I realized this program could be useful to others.

Since then, I have spent countless hours adding countless features. Some of these features were dreamed up by me while I was out Geocaching with my GPS and PDA loaded with GPX Spinner files. Other features were requested by other Geocachers who used this program in ways I never dreamed of.

While I have enjoyed working on this program, the time I have spent on it has not come free. Time spent working on this program was time I wasn't spending with my family... or Geocaching... or both.

If you like the features that GPX Spinner provides and you want more of them, please register. Your small payment will be very gratefully received and will help go towards getting new features added. Just click on the PayPal Donate button to help make GPX Spinner even better.

Once I receive the confirmation from PayPal that your payment has gone though, I will email your registration code.

(Note 8/16/08: Registration through PayPal is temporarily disabled. I hope to have it back online soon.)

Thank you for your support!



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